Carola Borovnik

During my dual studies I have found my place in the communications department of the Business Area Components Technology at ThyssenKrupp. We produce for example steering systems, dampers or engine components for the international automotive industry. But wind turbines and construction machinery are also equipped with our components. On engineered I would like to introduce you into the world of Components Technology.

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Automotive-sector | Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | innovation | Theories are fine, but only practical application shows whether new concepts and ideas, e.g. in the areas of human-robot collaboration, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or 3D printing of spare parts, are efficient and work smoothly in daily use. And this is precisely why the team at thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems’ Center of Competencies (CoC) in France is made up of practitioners.
Innovation, passion and uniqueness are the guiding values that the brand has adopted as part of its strategic renewal. The Maserati MC20 is the beautiful, arrow-like representative of the new era of Maserati. A true technological jewel that combines craftsmanship and engineering, elegance and performance.
engineering together
Automotive-sector | Engineering | People at thyssenkrupp | Smart factory | Automotive manufacturers around the world rely on electric steering systems from thyssenkrupp – as well as the production lines they require. In China this year, the local Central Manufacturing (CM) team from thyssenkrupp’s steering division launched tailor-made solutions for four OEMs producing in China: one European, one Chinese and two U.S. manufacturers. With the successful implementation of its “Himalaya” line of electrically adjustable steering columns, thyssenkrupp is setting new standards: in terms of speed, flexibility and quality along with cost efficiency.