Alexander Spoo

As a member of Internal and External Communications I’m constantly on the look out for reports and projects relating to the Business Area Materials Services. The playing field is vast. With 500 branches in 44 countries we’re a successful player in the global market for production and raw materials while supporting production and manufacturing companies with a host of innovative services. Also included in our broad lineup is the production of specialty and stainless steels as well as other high-performance materials. My interests besides materials, services and global projects? Handball, skiing, basketball, audio books, and the 1. FC Köln soccer team.

Last articles by Alexander Spoo

Corporate culture | I had to take a second look on reading a very special inquiry in my email inbox. Julian Charrière, internationally famed artist from Switzerland, wanted to draw attention to the subject of rare earths and create a new work of art. His idea: pour more than 20 t of slag at a temperature of up to 1,400 °C over a pile of electronic scrap, let it harden and then shape the resultant "rock" into a work of art.
People at thyssenkrupp | The integration of the disabled is being proactively practiced at thyssenkrupp MillServices & Systems, a company belonging to the Materials Services Business Area of thyssenkrupp. The expert in steel mill services employs some 180 severely disabled persons, equivalent to just under ten percent of the workforce and well above the statutory requirement of five percent.