ATW #17 Istanbul: The tunnel between two worlds

thyssenkrupp worldwide | Last stop: Istanbul. Situated on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait in the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul is the only city in the world to span two continents. It’s not only where Europe and Asia meet, the Bosphorus Strait connects the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. This is what makes Istanbul an international logistics hub like no other with major sea, air, and land-based transport connections. What’s more, Istanbul is home to more than 14 million people. Istanbul: It’s pretty special, isn’t it?


The tunnel to the world

With conditions like this, the demands placed on urban transport are heavy. We take a look at a gargantuan project improving urban transport for all in this last week of our trip around the world. It’s called the Marmaray project.

Set for completion this year, it will see a 13-kilometer undersea rail tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait connecting Europe and Asia. A total of 36 stations are being constructed in parallel, as passengers will not only need to get from A to B, but also from ground level to down below.
Istanbul Impression_1 Istanbul Impression_2

80 minutes more time to enjoy life

This is where we come in. thyssenkrupp is supplying a total of 191 elevators and 155 escalators, making it one of the most important partners for this gigantic infrastructure project. Our visit to Pendik Station shows that the elevators and escalators at some areas are already in continuous operation, working toward the goal of transporting 1.5 million passengers every day. Working together, the tunnel, elevators, and escalators will allow passengers to shave off 80 minutes of travel time from one side of the city to the other in the future, giving them more time to enjoy life in this exciting metropolis. This makes Istanbul a whole lot trendier.

Istanbul Trainstation_Elevator Istanbul_Trainstation

By the way, it’s almost fate that we’re celebrating David’s birthday and the last night of our trip at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Istanbul. Our elevators provide transport here, too, but not for people, just for vegetables and other food. That’s right, the freight elevator at Jamie’s Italian Kitchen is one of ours, too.

Have a nice evening,

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