Around the World: Traveling to the tinkerers and technologies of thyssenkrupp

thyssenkrupp worldwide | Whether you’re a plant planner or just like to tinker, every one of us is working to find the one true solution. We all have a bit of engineer inside of us. With ‘Around the World’ we go out into the world and meet engineers where they find their inspiration.

thyssenkrupp: Sometimes maybe a complicated Group now and again

I’ve been working as a trainee in communications at thyssenkrupp for nearly half a year and find that camshafts, bearings, and steel slabs have just as much emotional appeal as, well, camshafts, bearings, and steel slabs. They may represent the art of engineering but the focus here is on the art and not on the engineers behind it who too often go unnoticed. Anyone who has enjoyed a currywurst from Monika at the kiosk at the steel plant will know that every employee at thyssenkrupp, be it elevator maintenance staff, plant planner, or trainee, has an exciting story to tell. None of the 20,534 corporate brochures can describe our world as well as they can. Engineered provides us with a platform for sharing these stories with the world.

Mission possible: Setting out to explain the Group

That’s why we’re starting on the path to open the door to the world of thyssenkrupp. We aim to capture what man and machine experience in the world of ThyssenKrupp, how they work, and what connects them. This task is hard to complete from our desk because approximately 100,000 of our 150,000 colleagues – who are responsible for 70 percent of our sales – work outside of Germany. So there’s no better way to do this than to follow the original blogging principle: First experience, then write. Therefore I am traveling around the world with four talented film students for the next three months for ‘Around the World.’ Together we will examine technologies we previously had no idea about and blog about people who will take us to the heart of their ideas. Most importantly of all, we will try to explain and translate the art of engineering into terms we can all understand. While the film crew points and shoots to capture all the great stories that will soon be available on engineered, I will do what I do best by sitting down at the computer and blogging about my experience. I will always write from this platform and promise to get as close to the action as possible.

Around the World for ThyssenKrupp: David D., Patricia, David G., Michaela and Daniel

Around the World for thyssenkrupp: David D., Patricia, David G., Michaela and Daniel

Our first stop is the Ruhr region of Germany, Essen to be precise, where it all began 200 years ago. The mission from now on is to get involved and experience what there is to discover at thyssenkrupp. We’re looking forward to your comments, suggestions, ideas, and sharing with you! Who knows, perhaps by the end of the trip we will all agree that camshafts have a certain charm to them, whatever that may me.

See you soon!

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