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Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp | Career at thyssenkrupp | People at thyssenkrupp | "I have a big heart for young people, and it's a great job to be able to support thyssenkrupp apprentices on their way into working life," says Andre Lipski, Head of Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp Business Services.

He is 52 years old, married, has an 18 year-old son and an apprenticeship as an aviation salesman. He still remembers his apprenticeship well: “Back then, the status of an apprentice was very low, but today everyone is a valuable employee right from the start and you meet them at eye level. Andre Lipski currently supervises ten trainees, spread across various professions and years of training.

What is important to you about the applicants?

Obviously, it’s not just about grades. Just as important for us is the question, what values do people live by? Is he or she reliable, friendly and open-minded? Grades are not the only decisive factor, the attitude should also be right.

What apprenticeships do you offer?

At thyssenkrupp we offer apprenticeships in over 60 different professions. At thyssenkrupp Business Services we offer apprenticeships as IT specialists for application development and digitalization management specialists. We will also offer an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk starting summer 2021. All current apprenticeship vacancies will be available online on our careers page from late summer.

Sounds like good grades couldn’t hurt nevertheless.

thyssenkrupp is an internationally operating group, so a good knowledge of English is important. Of course it’s also an advantage if you have a preference for mathematics and logical tasks. Good spelling skills are also helpful. After all, every e-mail and every communication represents our company. But it has not necessarily to be a first-class score.

What do the apprentices appreciate about you?

I think my respectful attitude is well received, including the respectful way in which we treat each other, which can be found throughout the company. I don’t treat anyone from the top down and meet everyone at eye level.

In good and bad times? As we all know, not everything goes smoothly in life.

That’s also part of it, that’s true. But we don’t leave anyone out in the cold. If there are problems in education or if there is a pinch in their private life, my door is always open and I try to help. Apart from that, we have numerous trainers and a youth and trainee council that can be contacted at any time.

What makes apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp Business Services so unique?

Today’s young people know that they will probably have more than one employer by the end of their careers. But understandably, the desire for security is still there. If the apprenticeship is successful for both sides, we employ the young people for two years after the end of the apprenticeship, that’ what we guarantee. One year is the usual market period. A stay abroad should also be of particular interest.

Who can enjoy a stay abroad?

Anyone who wants to. We offer this highlight together with the European Erasmus Plus Programme. Just recently, an apprentice was at our subsidiary in Gdansk, Poland. They wanted to keep him there right away. Apart from that, Gdansk is an exciting city by the sea with a high value of free time activities.

What about extra benefits?

We cover travel expenses and offer workshops on topics that are not covered by vocational school, such as change and conflict management, dealing with stress and mistakes. Extra services complete the apprenticeship and prepare the young people for all aspects of working life. We also offer information events on nutrition, health and fitness with selected cooperation partners.

Is there an onboarding program?

Yes, there is an introductory week together with the apprentices from other locations. Networking is very important at thyssenkrupp. That’s why it’s important for us to have opportunities for exchange from the very beginning.

In what way has Corona turned the apprenticeship upside down?

The home office phase went perfectly, because at thyssenkrupp Business Services all apprentices are equipped with their own notebooks and smartphones as standard. The apprenticeship content could thus be communicated virtually quickly and easily. Several times a week, the apprentices and I also spoke by telephone. Sure, seeing each other in person is much more pleasant, but this way of working also works. We have all come through the crisis in good shape.

When you don’t spend time with your trainees, what do you do in your free time?

I stay fit by running and cycling and I like to read. I also have a great passion for the cinema.

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