An eye-opening experience

Work safety | "Safety first" in our daily work. Distortion goggles make you feel drunk. Put them on when you’re sober and you will clearly see how alcohol consumption impairs your abilities. Tying your shoes with a blood alcohol content of 0.2 percent? Forget it! thyssenkrupp’s occupational safety circuit with interactive learning stations allows people to learn safe behavior for themselves.

Hang on – 340 kilos heavier? Surely not! Simon Dinkel jumps down once again to check, but the result is the same. The special scales on the forklift truck indicate four times his normal body weight. When landing, the 20-year-old apprentice’s joints are subjected to this enormous weight. The human body has over a hundred joints with cartilages that have to withstand high stresses. But they can’t do it forever – our “shock absorbers” get worn and can then only be replaced artificially. So anyone jumping rather than using the steps to climb down from a high vehicle is damaging their health.

Reflecting employees’ everyday working lives

thyssenkrupp’s new occupational safety circuit, which Simon spent a year helping to design, sensitizes people to such experiences. From apprentices to board members, everyone can learn that they themselves hold the key to the company-wide target of “zero accidents”. Working in the dark, on shaking floors or overhead – it can all be tried out and practiced here. The aim of this practical exercise is to help everyone see the need for a uniform safety culture. And as an added bonus, the circuit is also good fun!

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