An award to spur us on

Sustainability and climate protection | For the second time in succession thyssenkrupp has been recognized by the non-governmental organization CDP as one of the world’s most climate-friendly companies in 2017.

As in 2016 the organization has included us on its global A List. CDP aims to create transparency for investors who want to invest in companies that operate sustainably. Climate protection plays a key strategic role for thyssenkrupp.

But what does such an award actually mean? Can a group with energy-intensive processes like thyssenkrupp even be sustainable? “Yes it can,” says Steffen Schwartz-Höfler. “Because when it comes to rating sustainability, much more is taken into account than just our own CO2 emissions.”

Emissions need to decrease further

The ranking creates transparency and comparability. The A List only includes companies that meet multiple criteria: They gather their data regularly, have a very good sustainability management system and are fully aware of their risks and opportunities. This in turn necessitates addressing the topic intensively at the highest level and – a further criterion – formulating a strategy to further improve their own environmental performance and that of their customers: What emission reduction targets have been defined? Are investments being made in research into climate-friendly technologies? Because one thing is clear: the need to decrease emissions further is non-negotiable.

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