Victory as a team: 2015 Employer of the Year

Corporate culture | Developing highly complex chassis technology is only possible as a team. And a team always brings together the very best, which is why people of various ages and with different backgrounds and qualifications work at thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America. The Group Company in the U.S. received an award in 2015 for its integration of people with mental disabilities.

Bilstein has long been known for its team spirit. The company has promoted integration for over 40 years by supporting people with mental disabilities and their families with job openings, information, advice, and services.
12 people with mental disabilities now work at Bilstein of America, an excellent figure for a company with a total of 650 employees. For this reason, the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities distinguished thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America with the ‘2015 Employer of the Year’ award.

“We feel very honored. Diversity and inclusion are more than just values as they also give us a competitive advantage. By working with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, we find reliable, dedicated employees with a strong work ethic,” says John Thompson, Head of Human Resources at the Group Company. It is well known that ethics is the greatest recipe for success.

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