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About #engineered • Netiquette

#engineered, the company blog from thyssenkrupp, is a multi-dimensional, international story-telling platform. The blog converts various content from across the entire Group into diverse, modern media formats (videos, graphics, texts, and more). Outside bloggers, experts, and journalists write for #engineered in addition to a large number of employees. Together they guarantee a multifaceted, original outlook on the world of thyssenkrupp. All authors are presented with their own profile, and you can connect and engage directly with them via the optional network profiles.

The #engineered website is undergoing constant change and upgrades. Above all, we expressly wish to create a dialogue with our readers. The comment function and the sharing options offer plenty of chances for networking and exchanging ideas.


#engineered delivers you editorials on and about thyssenkrupp. We offer you the chance to take part in the blog, discuss topics with other users, ask questions, and leave comments.

We are always happy to receive your posts and ask that you observe the blog’s code of conduct:

  • Please only post links and limit your discussions to topics related to thyssenkrupp. Furthermore, we would like to request that you do not post advertisements or other external/commercial content and unauthorized contact addresses and telephone numbers. We reserve the right to delete or report these.
  • Please treat other users with respect, regardless of whether they are fellow fans or the editors of the site. The thyssenkrupp blog is not a place for insulting and abusive comments. We therefore reserve the right to delete this type of comment. Otherwise, we are always open to constructive criticism.
  • Your comments will be deleted if you discriminate against others on grounds of their gender, age, language, background, religious beliefs, or ideology.
  • Incendiary, sexist, or racist remarks will result in your comment being immediately deleted.
  • Try to phrase questions as specifically and clearly as possible to allow us to provide the suitable answer.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact: