A ‚legend‘ retires

Automotive-sector | The steering plant in Terre Haut proofed, that production lines can also achieve legend status.

Production lines can also achieve legend status. This is what happened at our steering plant in Terre Haute in the US state of Indiana. There, the ‘lifetime achievement’ of the DSU Line was honored last December. This steering column line was the first production line ever to go into operation at the steering plant, which was completed in 2003. In May 2004, the DSU started series production and produced the first steering column for the customer Ford. In early December 2020 – 17 years and nearly 11 million steering columns produced later – Terri White, one of the first DSU machine operators, packaged the last steering column produced on this line for shipment to the customer.

“I can still remember very clearly how we got the DSU line up and running for the first time just before Christmas 2003. The installation kept us busy around the clock for days. From the very beginning, this line was a symbol of teamwork and professional, cross-border cooperation. Friendships were formed at that line that continue to this day. Besides, this production line was one the most profitable we ever had,” recalls plant manager Andy Völkl.

In the meantime, the DSU line has been dismantled. A new warehouse has now taken its place in the plant. However, there is no reason to mourn. The steering plant in Terre Haute has won new customer orders and will continue to expand its production capacity in the coming months.

Andy Völkl: “We are expecting a new line here at the beginning of next year. It will then be the 11th line that we put into operation since the plant was established. I am convinced that with the new production line and our team spirit, we will be able to build on the success of the legendary DSU line.”

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