A high flyer – with his feet on the ground

People at thyssenkrupp | Sergio Cardoso started as an apprentice technician in the Elevator business in Brazil. After a 28-year career at thyssenkrupp Elevator he has now been appointed Chief Operations Officer for the Europe Africa business. Read about what it takes to achieve such a successful career at tk here.

Sergio Cardoso has kept his feet on the ground. That’s obvious right away. “Many people in high-level positions believe that titles make them something special,” he says. “But that’s wrong. You always remain a person. I will always be Sergio!” he continues with a friendly smile on his face.

An oustanding career in the elevator business

This man has enjoyed an outstanding career. In March he will be able to look back on 28 years at thyssenkrupp and its predecessor companies. The 49-year-old began his career as the first apprentice at an elevator maintenance branch in Santos, Brazil – now he has just been promoted to the role of Chief Operations Officer (COO) for the European elevator business.

So how do you have a career like that? He loves this business. It’s a passion, he says. And he was given the opportunity to grow constantly at this company. There was of course also a lot of work involved. As an apprentice he was taken on as an elevator installation assistant. Then he slowly worked his way up to supervisor and branch manager. The switch to management was strange to begin with, he admits. “Suddenly you find yourself senior to people who used to teach you things.”

From Brazil to Germany

The father of two moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Germany in 2014 and assumed overall responsibility for the tk Elevator field organization at the headquarters. How does he define leadership now? The advice his father gave him when he left home as a young man has always stayed with him: Respect others. Be modest. And always be honest with people.

Then he laughs. That alone doesn’t always work of course. Sometimes leadership also means being able to speed things up a bit, making the organization transform for the better. What advice would he give young talents today? “Seek opportunities. Seek challenges.”

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