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People at thyssenkrupp | Josh Marcellis is the lead team Truck Driver at thyssenkrupp Supply Chain Services in Elgin, Illinois and leads a team of five.

Josh came to thyssenkrupp rather incidentally. By referral of his team colleague, Justin, he entered the company and he is responsible for the transport of large and heavy goods all over the United States. “Pretty cool, I see a lot of places“, says Josh. With his CDL – A and M licenses he can drive basically any vehicle.

Born into the truck driving industry

Josh was literally born into the heavy equipment and truck driving industry. His uncle owned an excavating business and always had trucks and heavy equipment around. Josh takes real pride in his profession. “Since the day I was old enough to open the toolbox drawer I was taking tractors apart. This makes up who I am“, he sums up. This might also explain the fact that he cares a great deal for trucks. “It is kind of known among my colleagues: take off your shoes when you get into Josh’s truck, they say, because I hate it when my truck isn’t really clean“, he says with a smirk.

One of his best moments was of the gigantic radiation dome that he transported to Oklahoma City, he remembers. “I was given this 5 million dollar machine that could help people with cancer and took it to the hospital to help people with this.“ He even filmed this extraordinary delivery. But it is not only the products of thyssenkrupp that Josh is enthusiastic about: “Here is a good place to come to work. I feel a good spirit, people are pretty positive”, he points out. His colleagues help him succeed and vice versa. “We learn from the mistakes and grow together”.

One year at thyssenkrupp, already a team leader

Josh has been with the company for a little over one year, but in this short period of time he has been promoted to lead the Drivers team with thyssenkrupp at Supply Chain Services in Elgin. “thyssenkrupp was able to recognize my ability to work and to move up“, he describes with a grateful tone. “I took over more responsibility so there is a lot more on my plate now. But I like it a lot.“ He sees it as a challenge: “I am over forty. At 55, I do not want to be the one jumping up and down [on] the truck. This way, I can slowly start a transition and get off the truck and into the office – that is a good fit to me“, he is convinced.

Find out more about #teamtk via: thyssenkrupp.com/teamtk



John Grasmeyer
  • written by John Grasmeyer
  • 26. February 2018

I’m glad to have Josh as a part of our team! He’s committed to doing the right things right all of the time.

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