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Our Brand | thyssenkrupp worldwide | London, New York, Rio, Sydney, Shanghai – the only people who get to see the world's most exciting places in a minimum of time are agents - and students. At least when they are on mission for thyssenkrupp.

Dear avid Around the World reader,

last year, I made you a promise when I blogged that I would take you on a journey inside the world of thyssenkrupp. #ATW was and is the tag line of our mission. It’s an experiment involving a group of young filmmakers – Daniel, David, Michaela, and David – along with me, a trainee in the Communications department, making a movie about thyssenkrupp. The four of them had no idea about our company and about the things we build and make. (Here’s some of the things to be heard when the crew first met up: “Wow, slabs and redox flow batteries are really quite cool.”) But how does this mesh with the sanitized advertising pitches to be found in standard corporate films and presentations we all know? Will the little experiment ultimately pan out? We set out last year on our journey during which we traveled the world and visited the people behind the thyssenkrupp brand. Be it in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Vietnam, China, and India, we sought to learn more about the people themselves, their creations, the stories they have to tell, as well as their feelings and emotions. All this resulted in an array of impressions, photos, stories, and, of course, videos. Around the World is soon set to continue its journey with every video we will be posting from our stops. Stay tuned for more…

What excites me most is that the footage we’ve shot contributes to thyssenkrupp’s new branding. We loved the footage and the perspectives so much so that we took the hundreds of hours of material and condensed them down to produce our new, official company film.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the members of the film crew, who have grown to become friends, my many colleagues from around the world who opened their doors to us, and, most of all, everyone who had enough faith in us to send four students and a trainee out on this mission. Who would have commissioned an official company film like this one we produced? With everything I saw during our trip around the world, I can say with all pride: thyssenkrupp as it truly is.

Kind regards,

Patricia Schiel


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