Engineering | innovation | Extreme conditions below sea level make it almost impossible to perform research on the seabed. The Modifiable Underwater Mothership, an unmanned underwater vehicle, could now permanently change the…
mobility of the future | Sustainability and climate protection | Urbanization | Worth knowing | The subway, Stockholm's "Tunnelbana", moves half a million people through the Swedish capital every day. With immediate effect, thyssenkrupp is servicing the 440 elevators and escalators in…
Apprenticeship at thyssenkrupp | Automotive-sector | Career at thyssenkrupp | Engineering | At the 1st thyssenkrupp Presta Racing Day students put themselves and their self-constructed racing cars to the ultimate test for the Formula Student Racing series. And while they are here many of…
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Sustainability and climate protection | trends of technology | Worth knowing | How will our water supply develop in the future? What are the driving trends of these developments? And which technologies could play a vital role in this? To answer these questions, our foresight experts look into an alternative future. This time we present our third possible scenario – a fictional future in which water privatization makes premium drinking water the privilege of high-income earners.
innovation | Worth knowing | For the most progressive minds in science, the Nobel Prize is the highest honor of their kind – and a highly-contested accolade. The American Edward Kendall, for example, only received the prize 38 years after his first nomination. Ramon Gaston was nominated 155 times, but never received it, despite his pioneering invention of the vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus. However, one thing is certain: those who received the Nobel Prize have made a difference in our world. We present to you the discoveries of five historical award winners who have become an indispensable part of our engineers' everyday lives.
Company | Corporate culture | With nearly 160,000 employees, represented on all continents, it is not always easy to keep track at thyssenkrupp.  But when it comes to allegations of corruption and antitrust law, Dr. Sebastian Lochen takes a very close look. As Chief Compliance Officer, he ensures that thyssenkrupp stays clean. He told us in an interview what role culture plays in this and how he assesses thyssenkrupp's history.