Automotive-sector | innovation | mobility of the future | Sustainability and climate protection | Many of us still want to step on the brakes when it comes to car-free city centers. To save our environment and improve our urban life, however, some things just have to change. The positive news is…
Engineering | innovation | trends of technology | Computer tomography today generate background noise that many patients find very unpleasant. A new magnetic bearing from thyssenkrupp is providing relief: an X-Ray camera can move on it almost in…
Engineering | innovation | Extreme conditions below sea level make it almost impossible to perform research on the seabed. The Modifiable Underwater Mothership, an unmanned underwater vehicle, could now permanently change the…
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Company | Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | Worth knowing | The German hacker "G0d" has published sensitive data of about 1,000 politicians, journalists and celebrities on the net. However, his attack only resembles a skirmish one as compared to the challenges that thyssenkrupp's IT specialists have gone through – for example, when they fought back a large-scale hacker attack in 2016. What happened during the then secret project "White Amflora" – and how serious is the threat of spy hackers for industries today?
Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | future of production | innovation | trends of technology | The market for private and semi-professional 3D printers is booming. Now, the new revolutionary processes are also conquering industrial production, under the term "Additive Manufacturing". But what is essential when printing highly sensitive components for industrial machines – instead of action figures? We asked someone who knows: Andreas Stapelmann, Head of the thyssenkrupp TechCenter Additive Manufacturing in Mülheim, Germany.
Career at thyssenkrupp | Corporate culture | People at thyssenkrupp | thyssenkrupp worldwide | Thinking about Germany, the Oktoberfest, our Autobahn and a certain stiffness come to most people’s minds. Many international colleagues get to experience working for thyssenkrupp in Germany. They had different reasons to come to Germany - but all of them enhance our team. We asked a few colleagues working here, what else they got to know about their new home – and which stereotypes about Germans have proven to be correct.
Sustainability and climate protection | trends of technology | Worth knowing | How will our water supply develop in the future? What are the driving trends of these developments? And which technologies could play a vital role in this? To answer these questions, our foresight experts look into an alternative future. This time we present our third possible scenario – a fictional future in which water privatization makes premium drinking water the privilege of high-income earners.