On royal buttons, speed and superlatives: celebrating its 125th anniversary, we present the most thrilling, interesting and curious facts about the escalator.
Thomas Agbor is a qualified auto mechanic but even though he enjoyed this work, he wouldn’t like to go back to the workshop. For even at that time he was more attracted by the development of cars.…
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#tkgoesPyeongChang | After the great luge race my pit crew colleague Alex Meier, Toni Eggert’s girlfriend Julia Taubitz and I are on our way back home from PyeongChang. But before we finally leave South Korea, we celebrate the successful race together with the athletes and become more familiar with the Korean culture. What we have packed in our travel backpack during the last days and how you can win it, you can find out in my third travel log.
#tkgoesPyeongChang | Finally the time has come: The big day of the luge race is there. Together with pit crew member Alex Meier, our Korea-expert Sora An as well as family and friends of the athletes Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken, I am cheering for the luge team live on the track in PyeongChang. How exciting the decisive competition was, you will learn in my second travel log.
#tkgoesPyeongChang | 4 years of preparation and countless hours of development work are behind us, more than 8,500 km ahead of us. Together with my pit crew colleague Alex Meier and Julia Taubitz, the girlfriend of Toni Eggert, I will travel to South Korea and cheer for Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken on the ice track. What we experienced on our way to PyeongChang, you can read in my first travel log.
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Sustainability and climate protection | Urbanization | As a technology group operating worldwide, thyssenkrupp is able to offer new products and services that will have a noticeable impact on the environmental footprint of future megacities. However, as no one can predict with precision what will happen in the next few decades, in the Foresight process thyssenkrupp always develops several scenarios that describe a variety of developments. One of them is the city of Pjongjong that inhabits 40 million people in constant fear of the forces of nature.